Are You Seeking a Safe, Soothing Way to Care for Yourself?

Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient Japanese healing art, uses the power of gentle touch to harmonize the vital energy of your whole self--body, emotions, mind and spirit--to induce deep relaxation, promote wellness and tap your own healing ability.

Gifted, Intuitive Healer

Hannelore brings to each Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment the sensitive hands, compassion and profound intuition of a born healer. As she works with your own energy and draws on her instincts and training, you can expect to experience a sense of deep calm, well-being, emotional balance and relief from stress, discomfort and pain.

Gently Supports Healing

Hannelore’s individual attention supports the healing process, whether Jin Shin Jyutsu is used alone or in combination with other conventional or alternative therapies. Because Jin Shin Jyutsu is gentle and non-invasive and conducted with your input, you will feel at ease and receptive to the benefits it offers.

For Any Age or Condition

Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments have unlimited application and are appropriate for children, the elderly and frail individuals. Even your beloved animal companions can benefit from a treatment. Jin Shin Jyutsu has helped those with back pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, immune dysfunction, arthritis, endocrine imbalance and respiratory and digestive problems. Jin Shin Jyutsu supports the body's natural way to calm and help heal itself in cases of serious disease.

Treatments take place in a pleasant, secure environment. Because you remain dressed, it is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Hannelore develops a treatment plan specific to your individual needs and circumstances.


New: Watch this short video of Hannelore explaining Jin Shin Jyutsu and conducting a brief session with a client.

Now offering a pain control and surgery support series and multi-day intensives.