Tired and without a voice were the main symptoms in my spiral downward. Mono-Epstien-Barr Virus, EBV, was my long term underlying factor. Last year's Lyme's Disease could come on fast and furious with the EBV already in residence. Working hard with meditation, antibiotics, energy work, nutrition, and body work got me only so far. My voice would still disappear at the first sign of fatigue. After one session with Hannelore my voice is stronger than it has been in years! Years! Many of those little aches and pains that I learned to ignore are gone! They got my attention by their absence. Hannelore’s sessions are now a continuing part of my much more rapid road to recovery. This work is fascinating! Thank you, Hannelore!

- Bernice M, teacher, PA

I began seeing Hannelore about 18 months ago. I have SLE (Lupus) and Fibromyalgia. I spent the last 6 years battling pain and fatigue and the many other symptoms of both of the chronic illnesses. I was trying everything I could to get better including acupuncture, special nutritional programs and medications. When I first starting seeing Hannelore she was treating me as a “triage” type case. During this time, I was unable to physically care for my two toddlers and I could not work full time. In addition, I was an emotional mess, as well, going through a divorce with an emotionally abusive man. The inner peace and physical healing I experienced in the first session kept me awestruck. I had a elbow I had not been able to bend for over 2 years. After our first session I could fully straighten my arm. In just a few months of seeing Hannelore regularly I noticed a huge improvement in my body, both, physically and emotionally. 18 months later I am living and breathing proof of her work! I can now work full time, I have been able to go off of the prednisone treatment that I was on for over 5 years, and I am now physically able to care for my children. But, the best part is I have rediscovered myself as a strong woman and mother.

Hannelore has been an answer to my prayers. My Rheumatologist at Einstein Medical in Philadelphia continues to encourage me to see Hannelore, as she too is thrilled with my improved health. Everyone I refer to Hannelore benefits, either spiritually or emotionally, and are grateful for her work not only one but many levels. Thank you Hannelore... you have been a vessel of healing so I could get my life back.

-Kristen G., gift shop manager, mother of two children under age 4, Doylestown, Pa

I couldn’t have possibly known how beneficial JSJ was to be in my life. Shortly after beginning my sessions, I noticed a profound sense of calm and well-being, but only after there was a devastating accident in the family shortly thereafter, did I truly appreciate the deep benefits of JSJ. During a year and a half that included caring for my disabled and recovering husband, and also while losing my job, Hannelore’s gift of healing kept me clear, strong and calm. I can’t say enough about how comprehensive and healing her wisdom and insight have been in our recovery as a family. Thank you.

-Susan. J., teacher, Yardley, Pa

Thank you so much for working with me after my accident.  As you know, my neurosurgeon recommended C1-C2 fusion surgery but I didn’t want that.  A friend recommended Jin Shin Jyutsu and a Google search led me to you.  After about four months of treatment, I’m happy to report that my bones have healed and my range of motion continues to improve with physical therapy.  I believe I made the right choice for my healing and my long-term prognosis is that range of motion will be better than it would have been after a spinal fusion.

Kathleen K, computer specialist


Hannelore, Thank you so much for a wonderful Jin Shin Jyutsu session the other day. I arrived in pain and left without it. Not only was the session helpful in relieving my discomfort and restoring me to well being, but your care, attention and concern nurtured me emotionally as well. I am truly grateful.

Loretta V., Counselor 2011


I can’t tell you how moved Barbara was by today’s session. As a matter of fact, when I ran into my other neighbor, she said, “I want to go to that lady in Doylestown, too!!!. So perhaps Yardley is slowly moving into your universe afterall.

Thank you so much for accommodating two back-to-back sessions. I hope that you were able to take a nap or at least read the morning paper with Neal on the back patio even if later than usual.

Blessings to the healings and to your generous heart and for your hard work.

Sue J. Yardley, PA


I wanted to thank you again for your help with my pain. I really believe that Sue had been sent to visit my Mom and I the other day. When she told me about coming to see you and how the treatments had really seen her through some tough times recently - I just said yes - I never asked her questions about how this was going to be done - if I would need to undress - what to expect - I didn't even ask what the cost would be. None of that mattered - I just somehow knew that I needed to go.

You have such a gift. I am still feeling no pain in my left sciatic. When I got home the other day, I just felt I needed to sleep. WHAT A SLEEP!!! A 3 hour nap. I never do that. It was so sound and deep and restful. I don't remember a sleep like that. Except maybe during surgery. haha.
My best friend Judy hasn't been able to stoping telling people I used to work with how much improved I am.

Thank you again. Take care.
Barbara S., Yardley, PA



It was the first relief I’d experienced since my fall. The painkillers didn’t agree with me, so I’d been miserable for weeks. After the treatment I got off the table, my sight was clearer, my body more relaxed and I felt happy about what just happened. I’ve been back many times since, and have given sessions to friends and family as gifts. They also felt relief after treatment by Hannelore. I had not heard of this therapy before my friend suggested it to me after my surgery to repair a clavicle broken in a ski accident a month ago. I was curious and open to something that would help relieve the residual stress and stiffness of being ‘laid up’ in a La-Z-Boy chair for two weeks in pain.

—Patricia S., yoga teacher, video artist



After years of self-help books, talk therapy and meditation classes I felt as though there was still ‘something’ in the way of me feeling strong and confident. Then I met Hannelore Devlin who described Jin Shin Jyutsu and what this ancient art can do. The benefits of a few treatments have been extraordinary. I have become aware of harmful behaviors, knee-jerk reactions and beliefs that no longer serve me in a quicker and more compassionate way. I recommend Hannelore to anyone with a physical, emotional or spiritual block that they are ready to release.

—Amy R., artist, jewelry designer, Elkins Park, PA



I was experiencing fairly constant pain in my left elbow. I was told by both my doctor and the physical therapists that it was the result of disc problems in my neck. After months of therapy and exercises I was feeling no relief. I went to Hannelore and it was the first time in four years that the pain in my elbow actually went away. I was totally amazed.

—Janine W., artist, painter, Doylestown, PA



A year after a traumatic car accident and suffering from stress and chronic pain, I was referred by a friend to Hannelore. I did not know anything about Jin Shin Jyutsu, but I do know that I leave each session so relaxed and pain-free, and the healing energy stays with me.

—Rose W., nurse, mother, Philadelphia, PA



I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes three years ago. I was lucky enough to have been introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu through Hannelore. As of today I’ve been able to cut my medication in half and the neuropathy on my feet is markedly better.

—Ilse B., herbalist, all-around gardener, Hilltown, PA



Jin Shin Jyutsu is the most powerful form of healing I have ever experienced. I have been working with Hannelore for about one and a half years and have developed such trust in her skillful intuition. She is an amazing healer, so supportive and talented. Recently I have been through a series of challenging physical ailments from broken toes to a broken coccyx, and with her help I have recovered completely. I have also been able to address some of the underlying emotional issues that have been blocking my full participation in my life. The experience of Jin Shin Jyutsu is relaxing, comforting and profound.

—W.S., local poet who recently presented at Bermuda poetry festival


Like many people, I came to the Jin Shin Jyutsu session not knowing what to expect. The environment was cozy and comfortable, but as I removed my shoes and climbed on the treatment table - fully clothed - I was a little nervous. Why was I here? I had no outstanding symptoms to cure, just a little neck and shoulder stiffness. What did I expect to happen? The therapist asked if there was some particular problem bothering me and I told her, a little embarrassed, that I’d been feeling enervated, a bit stiff and out of sorts. She nodded and suggested I just relax and clear my mind as much as possible. Then quietly, she proceeded with the session. I took a deep breath and willed myself to relax. So what if nothing happened? I told myself. Oh well, a quiet, worry-free hour was blessing enough. Slowly, the therapist moved around the table, putting her hands on my arms, legs, feet, head and spine. There was no poking or prodding, no intimate touching, only an occasion question and the pleasant warmth of her hands. Gradually I felt myself drifting - not sleeping, but deeply relaxing, as though the tension I’d brought in with me was gradually floating away. I wondered, vaguely, why she was not focusing specifically on the neck and shoulder areas I’d mentioned, but was too comfortable to ask. When the hour-long session was over, she waved her arms over me in conclusion and explained why she had moved from the presenting problem (my neck) to a deeper problem she intuited lay beneath it. She showed me a simple exercise she thought would help keep me flexible - one I could do anywhere. As I sat up, almost reluctantly, and slipped my shoes on, I realized I was feeling better. Not euphoric, but clothed in a sense of well-being. That sensation continued throughout the day, even intensified. And it carried me through the next several days. I was more energized, less sluggish. My flexibility, along with my outlook on life, had improved. High drama? Maybe not. But change? Definitely. I’ll be going back soon for another session.

—Jinny A., writer and editor


Hannelore’s nurturing spirit and intuitive nature lend themselves perfectly to this, the most subtle but effective healing art. No matter if I am feeling stressed, tired or physically unwell, I always emerge from a session feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated, and relatively pain-free. Jin Shin Jyutsu is truly for healing one’s whole self: the mind, body and spirit. Since beginning treatment I have had minor ailments disappear and have remained cold and virus free, even while working with young children. I don’t really understand how this works, but I do know that it DOES work, and that I am in great hands with Hannelore.

—Anna B., speech-language pathologist


Hannelore is tuned in. Besides being a skilled JSJ practitioner (which is powerful ENOUGH), she is spot-on with knowing what I need even when I don’t know it myself. You can expect a caring touch, a loving heart and someone passionate about energy work and healing when you work with Hannelore. Her cozy session space warms you right from the start. I highly recommend working with her to overcome injuries, reduce stress and generally just feel better. This type of energy work will help you on many, many levels and she is great with giving you self-help homework after every session so you can enhance your results even more.

—Paula Gregorowicz, The Paula G Company, www.thepaulagcompany.com


I knew nothing about Jin Shin Jyutsu until the pain from my back, knee and hip drove me to try a session. It was the most gentle, relaxing treatment I’ve ever experienced. After a session with the gentle touch of Hannelore Devlin as she administers Jin Shin Jyutsu, I was more revived, energized and stress-free than I’d been following acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and Shiatsu massages! I believe Jin Shin Jyutsu affects the deeper tissues in the most gentle of ways, which allowed me to completely let go of my pain and stress. I highly recommend Hannelore’s healing touch of Jin Shin Jyutsu for anyone, for any pain or problem, whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual.

—Carol B., Bucks County grandmother and candymaker


A couple of years ago, I had my third bout with cancer. More than the surgery, I feared chemotherapy with all its side effects. Hannelore urged me to schedule JSJ sessions with her. I was reluctant and doubtful whether these gentle touches would make a difference. She adjusted the sessions to the chemo cycle and my needs. Much to my surprise and delight, I didn’t need any nausea medication, something I couldn’t avoid during previous chemotherapy treatments. I still remember with amazement that the severe headaches caused by the chemo faded away under Hannelore’s skillful hands. Bi-weekly "maintenance" sessions are now part of my routine and my recipe for continued wellness.

—Carmen B., Doylestown, Pa.


Wow, no pain this morning!

—Susan R., Stockton, N.J., after one treatment for stress and sciatica


I feel so much better...This was worth a million bucks!

—Larry R., Tunbridge, Vt.,

after one treatment for crushed ribs and trauma sustained in tractor accident


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